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Feeling good

An evening out, no an evening in listening to a DJ(Zzephyr Windgate) play “oldies” bringing back memories of another time. After weeks of feeling blah, the Universe broke through the gloom with sunshine and promise.
Have you read “Live with Passion” it is a Church of PL book, and can be had from the church. It was written by Rev. Yumiko Tsuyama with the forward by Rev. Margaret Stapleton (PL in CA.) Starting in 1994 until 2007 Rev. Yumiko Tsuyama made over 50 one or two page teachings in English. By using her own testimonies she did her best to share PL in a very simple and practical way. The book was published to share these teachings with English speaking PL members around the world.
I chanced on the book while standing in the lobby of the church. (everything happens for a reason) It was a spur of the moment purchase, it was written by a woman, it was in English, it was on a topic I love, I had the $10. I bought it.
When I got home, it was put on my desk and more or less forgotten with other “things” taking up my time and attention.
This is one example, but I don’t have to stretch far to find others of “impulse actions”.. you do something, and find out down the road, that there was a reason, you were “nudged” to do something.
God speaks to us in many ways.
God is everywhere, and all seeing.
The Universe/TAO is beyond definition
The Divine transcends all understanding

I found the book earlier today, it is wonderful, Testimonies are a wonderful way to absorb the teachings of PL

Believe in PL, PL Precepts are the truth. Never forget this. No matter what happens, trust and believe. Have faith. God is ONE and we are ONE with God.

my thanks to Gunnar Wetherby a gifted SL photographer who took the candid pictures of me

1 Lady Jan (janmargret)_002a copyjewelry is from Chop Zuey   >  shape and hair – Amacci        >skin/makeup  Style by Kira

gown is Purple Moon – taken at Frank’s Elite Jazz club

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