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Good morning everyone!!!!  I love it here….  I love Canada and the four seasons, it is a photographer/writer’s dream.  Something new everyday, today the buds are breaking through the bark, little heads are peaking through.  Excitement is in the air.


I don’t think there would have been room for a go-cart in the parking lot at the golf course I passed yesterday.  The driving range was the same.  Of course, now is also the time that everyone wants to throw open the doors, and get at the spring cleaning,


The enthusiasm is there, maybe not the same glee,  but the passion and desire to get at it, and have it done is there.  This desire to be out in the sunshine and spring showers seems to be everywhere,


There is no great mystery about life, it simply is an every changing world, that like the nature that we are part of, we all have seasons of our own.  Learning to embrace change and to allow our creativity to flow (adapting to changes and challenges), is one of the best skills we can have and hone.


Say YES today, be happy whatever you set your mind to doing.  No matter the weather, it doesnt’ matter if it rains or shines, whether you are happy or not … is determined by YOUR state of mind.

You own the day.


Pass it around..

PL Precept # 14 World Peace is Everything

PL Precept # 2   To live is to Express One’s Self

PL Precept #11   Always be with God

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  1. What a lovely, happy post. Nothing like the warm sun after the winter. I do believe it makes us appreciate it all the more.

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