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standing tall


PL calendar day 20 – Sunday –   Find a good balance between your Present and Past Experiences

Without forgetting your original intent, continue to develop your own path by also relying on your knowledge and experience.




it is all about the lines,

the patience of placing each rock and boulder, just so..

sun and shade..

soft and hard..








Comments on: "standing tall" (2)

  1. Very stonehengian! Too bad about the sign and the power lines…. (ツ)。Thanks for sharing.

  2. yes it is an active business, big trucks are moving in and out all the time… I have been wanting to snap the line up for some time. How I would have liked watching them put them up… I would like to me the man who thought this landscape up. I have more pictures which I will use.. Rocks,Boulders are like rust, I find them fascinating.. Good morning!

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