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wicked 8.19

I love this time of year, especially the coming months.  Those of you who follow along, know of my utterly obsessive interest in doing “October” art forms.  I have begun again, I see it sneaking into my various “art” projects.

What has also claimed some of my attention, is fall allergies… We are really not anywhere near fall season, but the weather has been blowing up the country harvests and mites.. The air must be full of something that is not sitting well with my “system”.

Such is life.  The stock pile of tissue boxes will now start to diminish. and the sinus and allergy pills will come out of hiding to be front and centre in my activity areas.

I have long accepted that having seasonal allergies is part of my life experience. Acceptance, makes it easier to do what needs doing, so that I sail through the season with not too many changes to daily life.

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  1. revival2020 said:

    Move to England, I believe the central area doesn’t have seasons. It’s similar to Fall all year. I probably spent 12 months total, in two month rotations. Maybe a tiny shower of wet snow but not below freezing, damp all year, cold (sweater or jacket) all year. Even July and August. Seattle/Tacoma is similar, but beautiful scenery. Seafood is so excellent along the inlet. Downside is it rains most of the year and they have a high suicide rate. I spent week trips there annually for 5 years. I haven’t been all over the world, but as an Air Force aircrew I’ve had great opportunities. My favorite areas are Northern Italy, Northern rural Germany, Copenhagen (but it wasn’t climate, it was all women were beautiful tall blondes.) At least that’s how I remember it…I was young single and had no bills. But hands down favorite was Honolulu. Waikiki is crowded, costly economy. You may prefer another Hi. island. I lived and shopped on the USAF base, with family so economy was no burden. The forecast  all year was 80-85 light liquid sunshine occasionally afternoon in mountains. Rare but Occasionally in winter you may have to wear long blue jeans. Normal dress Everywhere was shorts, gaudy light colorful short sleeves, and sock-less sandals. We didn’t fly in those. That’s my tour guide, since my only friend is a silent wife of 44 years, she’s a Facebook and Soap Opera addict.  I am a man of many words. BTW in Hawaii I was in Space Command. Peace, James Kirk Wiggins.  REALLY! Dystopianchurch.org. 

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  2. They’re creeping up on me, too. Feeling your itchiness, Sista.

  3. Florida provides regular opportunities for allergies as well. Spring and fall seem to be the worst for me. Always something to prepare for, right? 🙂

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