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saying goodbye

saw the woodpecker today at Mer Bleue – got to say goodbye till next time..

With the snow melting, the sunshine working its magic… the days getting longer… the two areas I visited every day from last October till now.. have change. Yesterday I was unable to get my trunk open, so had to forgo putting out the rest of my feed. Today I went back .. I collected more feeders and filled a few for the birds that have remained for the time being. At Dewberry, there are still a couple of Grosbeaks, they chowed down happily on the fresh sunflower seeds I put out… There is a distinct change in the “ambience” of the area.. I was so intimately connected to the place, I can feel the difference. An interesting observation.

Mer Bleue I was interested in finding out, altho’ I could see and feel the difference in the little area I enjoyed all winter, it wasn’t as dramatic a change for me. I spent more time at Dewberry, often sitting in the little glade with them for a quarter of an hour or more.. In the below zero temperatures.. for me that was something “new”.. I can honestly say, I had a wonderful winter sharing with my little “bird families”.

Multitasking reduces your joy by half. When doing something give it your all. There is a joy in everything.

Perfect Liberty 2021.23

What I learned about myself this past winter is that I am able to get up and go out every day and feel re-energized. Not a winter person before, I now feel that I can say, I enjoyed being outdoors every day in whatever weather the day presented me with. With the birds I learned that it was an environment I could enjoy, and be comfortable in. Who would have thought, sitting in the snow during a snow storm visiting with birds would be an enjoyable pass -time..

PL Precept #18 Each moment is a turning point . Siempre estamos ante la bifuracion del bien y del mal.

PL Precept # 7 Everything exists in relativity Todos existe en relatividad.

Comments on: "saying goodbye" (10)

  1. He’s such a pretty bird.

  2. They are, I didn’t think so at first, it took me awhile to get used to them…they are striking..and the ones that I got to know.. were pretty confident … I liked that.

  3. I’ve been thinking you might enjoy finding a flock of mallards at a nearby lake to feed. Feed stores have duck pellets for sale. Maybe an idea for the warmer months?? đŸ˜‰

    • not sure, I have my oral surgery coming up.. that is taking some of my time.. that is what makes life so interesting.. there is constant change.. we’ve been having huge melts with the wonderful balmy weather, the mountains of snow .. a lot evaporates.. but what doesn’t makes huge puddles and ponds where you don’t want them.. =^_^= How is it where you are?

  4. Hopefully you can still get out and enjoy the birds, even if they aren’t congregating at feeders.

    • Good morning Eilene, I have so much going on these days… I will miss the birds, but as you say, there will be another day, and another time.. Happy is a state to discover, every day!

  5. You got the best out of winter. That multi-tasking quotation is excellent.

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