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No regrets

Having attended at blues concert the other night,my mind is still tripping through the various emotions and feelings that played through the night.  The DJ had a tremendous knowledge of the music he played and he knew how to blend and knit the sounds so smoothly that you were drawn in almost immediately to his web.  The DJ was one, SkyRider Sicling  he plays nothing but the blues, down home southern blues.  His partner is Butterflyrose,  (owner of Sweet Magnolias)  together they bring the house down.  I will be reporting more on them at a later time.

What DJ Sky brought to me, were sound vibrations, that vibrated and sang through me like a massage that started inside and worked its way through out my body,( as the song goes), to higher and higher planes of personal ecstacy.  If you are a music lover, what ever style you connect with, you know what I mean.  This DJ  has a talent for weaving a spell with his selections. that is an art form.  Many other’s have a talent with music and can put together a good play list,  This is not what this DJ does, he knows his music so well, that he can actually work the songs into a total experience that encapsulate you in his web. Compare the difference of going to the movies, and going to an Imax theatre.

His music may not be your style, but you appreciate the blues in anyway  shape or form, you owe it to yourself to hear this man’s performances.  I am told he does a gospel hour on Sundays, I have yet to attend or hear what he does with Gospel, but you can believe me when I say, as soon as I can get to one of his Gospel presentations, I’ll be there.

In life, we all face difficulties / challenges, and how we deal with them always involves choices.  Sometimes we make good choices, and other times, we don’t quiet hit the mark. I’ve learned that if I am faced with a choice, its because I have a lesson to learn.  Whatever that lesson is, it is mine, I own it.  When you own the choices you make in life, when you look at problems as opportunities for growth.  You have no regrets… life is good.  Another door opens.

Blessings everyone! happy start to the week-end.   Oyashikiri


Tunes found on YouTube

1- Edith Piaf, non je ne regrette rien

2. Bobby Blue Bland – you have to hurt before you heal

3- Candy Dulfer, living for the love of you, with guest Angie Stone


Cat on a hot tin roof

Cat on a hot tin roof by Tennesse Williams - movie direted by Richard Brooks

I have to be honest here, I vaguely remember this movie, and the play by the same name. the movie was based on play by the playwright, Tennesse Williams.  The  movie was released in September of 58.  The names Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, are familiar, these were people I did read about, and hear about.  Somehow in my mind Burl Ives was a jovial character who sang some song to do with reindeer.  I’m likely all wet here, I’m testing my memory. No I do not want to be young in years again, I love where I am now. thank you very much!!  LOL  I’ve earned it!

mirror, via Leonor

First impressions, we only get to make them once. Because the movie Cat on a Hot Tin Roof made such a splash, and I being as young as I was at the time, Elizabeth couldn’t ever escape my thinking that she was very beautiful, and very bad.   Paul Newman, well I never saw past his blue eyes, and in later years I saw his name on salad dressing.  But…. I always did have a soft spot for the young rebel types, remember James Dean. =^_^=   (the reason at the time I even took an interest was because of the word CAT, ah for the age of innocence!) Sub-conscious thoughts often have deep roots!

Of course this is all very shallow and as an adult I realize and understand so much more about life. Movies, fan magazines television and the like, are the product(s)  of creative minds who  come together to entertain and feed inquiring minds. Truth be told, glamour aside, in reality acting is a profession,  a  career, these people live just like everyone else, in the sense that they have to pay their bills, and try to succeed at what they set out for themselves. They need friends, they get sick, they hurt just like we do.  A big difference for them is that should they make it big, they are fair game for people who want to capitalize on their lives and lifestyles. Especially their appearances, heaven forbid they have a relaxed dress down day.  They are constantly being judged, with half-truths even lies being splashed all over cheap thrill rags(tabloids)  (can’t really call them newspaper!)   We’ve all seen them, they are displayed like candy in all the check out counters across North American.

night,via Hailie Carter

We all want and desire, respect and courtesy in our own lives, we value our privacy, how is it that we don’t extend that to others around us. Do our acts, our words, reflect how we value and appreciate our friends, partners, even strangers on the street.  What does our demeanor  say to people we meet.  Please give some thought to this today, as you progress through your day.

cabin, via Provestra

Choose to be in a peaceful place.  Choose to smile from the heart. be the sunshine in your world and share it with others.

May you avoid the temptation to treat love/friendship as a mere commodity today.. love and friendships are precious gifts.  Blessings upon all who know it and willing reach out to another.

Pl Precept # 15.  All is a mirror                   Oyashikiri …………..  



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