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I saw that today, there was a challenge on winter gardens…  right.. I grabbed my trusty picture-taking phone and out the back door I went.  I could hear the muttering of the roofers two doors over, we’ve had a lot of snow, the house has a flat roof, there is a pressing need to get the snow off that roof.  Yesterday was mild, today it is a totally different story.

Humour me, I’ve found a clip that sounds a bit like the conversation I overheard, only this one is between a parrot who doesn’t want to go the vet and his owner.

We all recognize the attitude, it is not going to get the cockatoo anywhere, but he has to express himself, no matter what.  The funny thing is he has no idea what he is saying, but he knows that sounding off is expressing himself.  And he wants the whole room to know he is not happy about going out in his cage.  That clip got over 8 million hits on YouTube, a lot of people have enjoyed his antics.

When “we” allow ourselves to cut loose, let fly, we don’t always get over it as easily as Maxwell will.  Humans can hold a grudge, and many do.  then it is not a laughing matter…. when we spend time in a negative state of mind, we are missing out on being Happy.

PL Precept #  4    Being annoyed limits your expression

PL Precept # 5   One’s self is lost by bring emotional

As you can see the sun is out in full force, the snow is hard, crispy, and not in a hurry to leave.  So instead I’ve shown you the shadows on the fence.

Namaste      –       Oyashikiri


trust, faith,friendships

hey pal - you courting trouble

Really now?  You think you thought this out carefully…

Would you like to rethink your position on the situation….

Have you really thought this through….


Did you hear about the parrot that sat on a cat’s tail the other day?

pig - sweet

Sweet… heh!

Life is good when we live side by side in harmony!      Oyashikiri


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