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Faith is something that is very personal. Believe and your faith will stand the test of time.

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Let Go

Embrace the changing seasons

Go with the flow, Allow the light of God/TAO to be your guide

With every season, comes new life, new challenges and adventure

Embrace it all,   Freedom comes in Letting Go.

Blessings everyone, have a wonderful day.       


It is my pleasure to introduce to you another member of PL

Perfect Liberty is an International church, therefore members who will share with us, at times will do so in both their languages.  I do not change their words, or thoughts, but share them with you as they are offered.  I love PL so much because as a community we share and grow with the encouragement and support of not only the ministers but fellow members.  The Japanese terms are commonly used in PL,  You should be able to find the words and their meanings on our website, (link on right)  However I will work them in if I can do so without changing the expressions of the writer

Meet Harry  (USA), Harry attended Kyososai (the celebrations I wrote about in August)  this past July/August.   =^_^+ in fact, you will see Harry carrying the Canadian Flag for Canada (he became an honorary Canadian to help me out!  True gentleman!!)(see prev. blog)

This was a fun picture taken when we met the actors who perform in the PL children;s theater

Harry and cat

Each Kyososai is unique and every year is distinct with the mix of different people
attending. Often for me I try to absorb as much as I can all that goes on at Holyland
during my stay there. The whole time spent there is the rensei training, not just the
official part of the program …. Listening to lectures, taking every opportunity to pray at
the himorogi, conversing, sharing testimonies with the Brazilian members, breathing the
air and working up a sweat just being outside.
But reality hits when I get back from the Holyland. I always seem to receive my
blessings thru Mishirases and intuitions that that help me realize my short comings, last
year it was a nasty bladder infection that haunted me from getting good rest and sleep.
It’s like god is giving me another chance – blessing and salvation after my prayers at the
Himorogi. This year it was a flu symptom that bothered me physically, but also the way
my wife told me what a pest I was to her. I never thought I was a pest probing and
inquiring about what she did and did not do. I always thought I gave her a lot of latitude,
but apparently not. My mishirase brought me to church and the consultation for
oyashikiri helped me realize that I needed to back off and give her more space and not to
probe unnecessarily. It was the words my minister spoke that triggered my intuition. I
have always prayed to try to understand my wife and I never could, I was being a pest
and suffocating her. All this time I could not realize that my actions were killing her
spirits. Thank you, Oshieoyasama.

Mishirase: Divine warning from God, in the form of an illness, a misfortune, an accident pain or suffering

Oyashikiri Prayer– The special prayer to receive the blessings of Oshieoya-sana’s Shikiri

Shikiri PL’s unique way of prayer, asking God’s blessing with a sincere promise to accomplish what we have to do

Oshieoya-sama – Honorific title of the spiritual leader of PL, Rev. Takahito Miki

Thank you Harry for sharing your testimony with us.

Blessings to each and everyone of you, now and always…

photo taken in Japan July 2013 by Q


Have the courage to take the first step

Have the courage to take the first step

How often have you thought of something you’d like to do that is different from anything you’ve done before? Or, it could be as simple as break from the regular routine of taking the same way home every night, shopping in the same stores, hanging out with the same circle of friends and doing the same things each time you do.

One group of friends got together every second week to have dinner, after dinner they would pop across to the shopping area and browse awhile before having a night cap and then going home. This one week, a friend had her cousin visiting and asked if she could bring her along, What they discovered was that having that one extra person join them, changed the dynamics of their conversations during the meal, and which stores they visit after the meal. Why, because the “guest” brought a different view point to their discussions, and when they shopped preferred to browse in stores they seldom entered.
By the time they got to sit and have their night cap, they found they were each and everyone of them feeling “re-energized”. Their night out had been one of discovery and fun, they’d explored different topics, and seen other dimensions in their friends, as well as having made a new one.

If you are timid in life, you will never be able to break free and start something new. Believe in yourself, take chances now and then, Life opens up, if you Let Go, and venture out of the “comfort zone”



Wednesday’s greeting

Wednesday's greeting

Isn’t this a great quote. I read it once, then a second time, 10 words, well put together. Another way of say “Life is Art” the first PL Precept.
I dearly want you to meet Sensei Fukito Kimura, the minister I told you about in an earlier blog. From PL Holy Land in Tondabayasghi, Osaka,Japan. He found a way to communicate with me even though neither of us spoke the other’s language. No, not through a translator, on a one on one. ( I was in Japan for Rensei training, blog(s) would be back in early August for those of you wanting a re read)

I was so impressed with his sincerity,kindness and overall demeanor I asked Rev. Goto to ask him if I could communicate further with him once back in Canada.  He graciously agreed.  It has been a challenge, but I did manage to ask him to tell me how he became a minister with PL, and why.  He did write, (Rev. Euguene) our minister here in Ottawa) kindly did the translation for me.   Now here dear reader, is where one of my lessons in life, has to be put into practice. Somehow in the getting the file from the church to my computer it got corrupted.  Patience is one of the virtues, I have had to learn and practice, and to do it creatively =^_^=.  (Rev. Eugene is away)

Rev Kimura

Meet Sensei  Fukito Kimura, a young family man dedicated to his craft.  He had not thought of being a minister till well into the last years of his schooling.  Once that decision was taken, he never looked back.  He had a church, but was called back to the Holy Land headquarters to  work there.  He is the Coordinator of Rensei Training.  He derives great joy and sense of reward in what he does.  On the shy side, he at first appears reserved, but when you watch him in action, ensuring all runs smoothly for the many many attendees,  you realize he is focused on what he is doing.  He is living in the moment.  His words when he wrote were gentle and wise.

When I get the translation again, I will post his response in Japanese for those of you who read Japanese, because I believe that it will be a true reflection of Sensei Fukito’s words.  And the English translation.

I know today’s teaching was on the Value of Money and Things…  but I wanted to talk about the value of Friendships and how  a real connection with another person will always be through a sincere desire to reach out and embrace that person with a love that speaks from the “heart” 

Become a peace maker in life, a smile goes a long way, not everyone is lovable, we don’t always succeed at being gracious or kind, but we can all work towards a happier day. It begins with one tiny step at a time.

Emphasize on the inner spiritual energy of love and peace… Blessings all…

Divine Order connects me with others


God’s order is at work in all my relationships.  I am a peacemaker who honors the diversity of all life.  Attuned to divine order, I notice evidence of a divine plan unfolding in my connections with others.  Even with those I meet only briefly.  It would seem that life could be much more peaceful if everyone thought and acted alike.  Yet in my heart, I know that harmony does not require sameness.   a single note played simultaneously through several different instruments  doesn’t take advantage of the beautiful music that emerges when different chords and notes are played.

To honor the diversity of all life, I trust in the divine order to lead me, help me build  and connect with others in a network of sharing and support.

“From the state of mind of being one with God, Oshieoya-sama teaches us the path of happiness, how to progress and elevate ourselves, and find true freedom in our lives, based on the truth of “life is Art”  He gives us individualized teachings through “Mioshie” to show us our own unique paths.” Church of PL

The light of the soul is  bright, dense clouds of human ignorance/doubts obscure it.  Where are you in  terms of effort to make life brighter?

Have a grand day everyone… open your hearts and minds to new possibilities, smile, every minute you are angry or sad, is 60 seconds of missed happiness.

picture – Holy land taken by Ana (Spain)  The First Founder’s Tomb (Rev. Tokuharu Miki)


Even if you don’t have what you need, you will find a way.

Even if you don't have what you need, you will find a way.

If you are fixated on what you don’t have.(ie. language, or understanding of what the characters say) you will not be blessed with wisdom, or an opportunity to solve your problem(s). In PL we say, Think creatively to get past any obstacles in your way.

Every moment that you are with your problem(s) you are not with Tao. The best you can do is remember that your stress is not absolute reality. (Tao,Deng Ming-Dao)


The Flash of Inspiration Is a Gift From God

The Flash of Inspiration Is a Gift From God

When something suddenly clicks or when a great idea suddenly pops into your head, it is actually not something you have control over. Understand that this is wisdom given to you by God. (PL Teaching)

In meditation, we gain direct awareness that is beyond the image. (Tao)

You can’t ever get everything you want. It is impossible. Luckily, there is another option: You can learn to control your mind, to step outside of this
endless cycle of desire and aversion. You can learn not to want what you want, to recognize desires but not be controlled by them.
~Bhanta Henepola Gunaratana~

The PL Thanksgiving ceremony was wonderful today, the BBQ that followed was delicious. The steaks tender,tender, and the salads a perfect “balance” for the diet conscious. I was told the recipes originated in Brazil (Portuguese), the more I get to experience their cuisine, the more enchanted I become.
Shared community and good food. what a nice way to end the week-end. (yes, I did my best to not over indulge =^_^=)
Blessings everyone…  May your dreams (night journey) inspire you to great expressions tomorrow.  Life is Art!  (PL)

When you are living in-Spirit, you can feel inspired by doing virtually anything – (Dr.Wayne W. Dyer)


Have a Good Balance Between Mind and Body

Have a Good Balance Between Mind and Body

PL teaching for day #20
> Have a Good Balance Between Mind and Body…………..Being overly concerned ab out things, or overexerting yourself physically will cause you to be off balance mentally and physically. Be careful not to overdo things.

I read an article today by Geri Larkin, founder of the Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple in Detroit, Fashionista as Monk.  It was in the March/April 2012 issue of Spirituality & Health, if you can find it, it is a good read. Probably more for the women then the men, however, it applies to both if you’ve ever shopped and found that you are one size larger than you thought you should be.  After reading her fun thought provoking piece, I know that I will be more mindful of not what I eat, but of how much I eat.  I’m already a conscientious eater, my problem is quantity. Today’s  lesson today will be applied to my eating habits.

This teaching comes up every month on the 20th.  And every month, it has a different meaning for me.  Time to remember and put into practice, PL Principle 13.  Concerning food, I will not have complaints, likes and dislikes nor preferences; nor will I overeat, over drink nor eat irregularly.

PL Principle # 15   I will not do anything overly.

A balanced life, takes into account, all our needs.  Lets take a moment to reflect on how balanced our personal scales are.  For myself, I will work harder towards achieving balance


Have the Courage to Take the First Step

Have the Courage to Take the First Step

PL teaching day 19
If you are timid, you will never be able to break free and start something new. Believe in yourself and take the first step.

Have the Courage to Take the First Step.n (PL)

The more we do, the more self reliant we are. (Tao)


Greetings Wednesday 17th – hola!

Greetings Wednesday 17th - hola!

Good Morning…. How are you today? Wish you could see the big smile on my face. Yesterday when I was cleaning up, tossing and packing things away for the church garage sale in the fall, I realized that I had not seen my prayer beads in awhile.
*#@ panic!! what happened to my beads. I have been collecting and holding them close for a lifetime. I was reacting, when suddenly I caught glimpse of the Omitama (a PL prayer symbol blessed by Oshieoya-sama,) Mine sits high on the mantel in the “gathering room”

I stilled the desire to run around searching, sat myself down and closed my eyes and “let go” of the anxiety. As my run away mind began to settle down, and I felt the calm of the quiet begin to wrap gently around me, I remembered I  had put them away last time I cleaned up so they would be safe. Soft sigh, I knew where they were. =^_^=

Do you have prayer beads, do you use prayer beads in your practice? Something to consider. Prayer beads come in many colors, sizes and combinations, Lois Sherr Dubin in her book “ The History of Beads from 30,000B.C. to the present ” tells us “It is perhaps through the use of rosaries,circlets of prayer beads, that people have achieved their most profound and complete relationship with beads”

Have a grand day everyone, remember today’s PL lesson, Always Challenge Yourself with New Things.


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