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we all don’t use the term tithing, but you get the idea.. I liked what I read, and would like to share it with you.


What I am about to tell you about is probably one of the least mentioned ways to increase prosperity, abundance and even happiness in our lives.  If you truly believe that God is the source of your supply then you must do something definite and consistent to keep that rich source flowing.

We ask to be blessed with housing, clothes, money, jobs, love, health and so on for ourselves and others and we want it all for free. Do you expect your Doctor to work for free? Your mechanic, your Accountant you get the picture.  Here is a secret, tithing affects every aspect of our lives not just our money.  The key is that systematic giving opens the way for systematic receiving.

Consider that tithing is an act of faith that moves the universe. Through your acts of unselfish giving you attune your consciousness to that of universal abundance.


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