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the subtle shades of green

weave a gentle pattern through my dream…                


my body stirs, as I sense the life around me

birds sing, a squirrel chatters from a tree

and a ray of sunshine finds its way to my face

what is this place

so, calm, so surreal

I know it is part of me, for I am totally 

embraced by the beauty

and serenity that gracefully permeates

my total being….

this moment, this time in space

it is real, it is not a dream, 

it is my communion with God 

the bonding and reconnection

to what is real

Oneness with Nature/God/Tao

Comments on: "Green" (4)

  1. Very nice way to start the day. Thank you.


  2. I too have noticed all the subtle shades of green when I look around my land and it brings me much peace and joy to see, to feel, the beauty surrounding me. The Oneness of All, right here at my doorstep. I am so blessed.

    • yes, I agree, we just had to have a very big tree cut back, it was fragile and dropping big branches on unsuspecting humans and animals. it was/is a corkscrew willow. Shame but it had to be done…a lush surrounding is what grounds me… thanks for sharing..

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