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Dearest Perpetual Friend:

I sat in meditation/prayer this morning,

what a joy, words fail me.

It was like the rush of a fiery sunset,

or the awe when you first view the ocean

in ll its majestic splendour.

I gazed upon the rocky mountain range,

felt the cool crisp freshness of the clean mountain air.

I travelled on to our island in the sky,

wandering over the trails,

I sat on the beaches and felt the sands

beneath my feet, while I watched the playful white caps

come  rolling in.

What beautiful moments to share,
the pure tranquility that is ours,

when we take the time to BE.

In meditation, one transcends,

it is like a mirror

You are very much a part of me,

for without you, there is no me.

It is in meditation, that we shall cross over

becoming One with the Universe…………………….Q

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri


Taken from an earlier publication – Dymoon

photo, Hawaii, dustjacketattic.tumblr.com

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