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beyond awesome

USA grand canyon

to live each day, moment by moment

taking in everything, we see, feel and experience

some days, are good,  some are great

and then, we have an extraordinary day

with a beyond awesome awareness

that leaves you grasping for the words

to express what you are living

in that instant and moment in time

fascinating that no matter where or when

these moments happen

a new world opens up before you

‘and nothing can be ordinary again

time stands still,

the total surrender to the moment

it is like seeing the world for the first time

the wonder, the vast expanse of Universe

and our unique ONENESS

brings body, soul and spirit

in that second of realization

to a state

of beyond awesome.

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

PL Precept # 1         Lie is Art


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Comments on: "beyond awesome" (5)

  1. Bonnie Harnden said:

    Sounds as though you had a good day. I’m very happy for you.



  2. So true to embrace each moment and in this lovely photo the world literally opens up to you. Gorgeous image!

  3. Such a great photo to begin this post…such a great world out there ahead of us. Cheers to a great weekend.

  4. thank you, back at you…=^_^=

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