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Thursday doors- ancestors






Our ancestors lived with the land, they worked hard to cultivate and bring what they hoped would be lasting foundations for generations to come.

In Perfect Liberty we celebrate our Ancestors every month on the 11th. We offer our appreciation and gratitude for all that was, that made us who we are today.

Our ancestors built and walked through many doors.  Many still stand today.  A humble home with a solid door, one that opens in welcome,  and at night provides shelter from the cold.

Open your door today, welcome the opportunities that come your way, carpe diem …. seize the day.

Have a joy filled day, may your hours be filled with blessings that  stay with you forever.  Life is meant to be lived.

PL Precept #14  World Peace is Everything

PL Precept # 15   All is a mirror 




Comments on: "Thursday doors- ancestors" (10)

  1. velcro2424 said:

    Great pictures.

  2. Love that old barn shot!

  3. Really beautiful and heartfelt post with images. I wonder if the air and skies were different then or was it that man had a more loving, genuine heart.

    • I believe that life was different, people had to count on one another, they shared community, even tho I am Chinese and grew up in Canada at a time I (Chinese) was “rare” I learned that that cultural difference, didn’t change the fact that people had hearts and cared. Your words, loving, genuine heart… we need more of this in today’s world. smiles and waves.. have a good day..

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