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genuine heart

alvin, disneyWe are fast approaching the month of December.  A fellow blogger wrote to me today, and used the above two words,  “genuine hearts”.  I loved the sound of the two words, saying them  felt like a modern mantra.

I have found myself watching made for the season, movies on one of the networks, it seems they are playing one after another, and so far they have all been the feel good romantic  movies that pop up at this time of year.  Boy meets girl or girl meets boy, one is full of the holiday spirit and the other is not.. storylines are similar and we are assured of a happy ending.  As my sister pointed out, I don’t have to watch them, I can either watch something else or get up and do something productive.

I tell myself, I’m being productive, I’m being entertained, while I watch human behavior play out in front of me.  After all, someone had to put this storyline together, then gather the assortment of actors, set designers, technical crews, etc. to pull it all together.  The one I watched last night, even had my friend’s son in it. Ah Ha!!! Canadian content… It had to have been done awhile back, cuz he is now the “face” on Canadian Tire commercials, and has been for several years now..  So you see, I’m not just being lazy, I’m acquiring information that I can store away for when I need to spin out some pearls of “wisdom” or something =^_^=

Ok back to the words, caring, genuine hearts…………. I reacted because I do believe that in each and every person on earth, there beats a genuine caring heart.  However I also feel that sadly, it is often on pause, and that we are often treated to a facsimile and not the genuine heart.

If you have any comment or feedback on this, I’d love to hear it.  The world is constantly changing, more and more automation and the use of social internet for communication, is dulling the way humans interact. Machines have no feelings, and viewing life on a screen, is not “real” … it is scripted…  Hello? what say you!

sock-monkey-after-nip-and-tuck.jpgAnother friend gave sock monkey a nip and tuck… now that is heart,  when he comes home, he will have a  genuine caring heart.  =^_^=



Comments on: "genuine heart" (8)

  1. Genuine hearts, so nice 😊

  2. SOCK MONKEY! I used to have a whole room dedicated to them. It is difficult to discern a genuine heart connection via text (automation)….it can be hollow. I enjoy face to face or at least voice to voice interactions but in these days you just have to take what you can get and most times it’s words and hoping they are coming from a genuine heartspace.

    • ahhh a fellow monkey…. where are they now.. I have a small collection, I had lots and lots but parted with most of them.. I am still partial to the sock monkey….

  3. The expression “genuine heart” is very evocative. I like it a lot also. It speaks of a fragility in the sens that to be genuine implies a vulnerability in showing who we are deep down. That takes courage and a giving hear. Thanks for sharing it. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on it

  4. Moz Loordes said:

    I think people who are real and not actually a product of their conditionings, endeavour to have a genuine heart but lots of things get in the way. Lack of self confidence, bad emotional experiences which do anything but open the heart, being ashamed of who you are or your place in society which is a perceived reaction or may be actual, worry… about anything, stress in these busy technological societies of ours where money and possessions are the main emphasis. I could go on and on. I think human beings, on the whole, get a bad press. That’s actuated by themselves and it’s a self perpetuating illusion. Still, I would rather love than hate any day and I still have hope for us all.

  5. nicely shared. thank you..xxxxoo

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