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Doll club day


FCM doll 1996 china (made for Michaels)

before and after pictures of Hopi’s make over.

fright doll hopi3

PL Calendar day 10

Everyone has their own unique personality

Each one of us possesses unique qualities.  Let’s accept and respect one another.

Bom dia a todos, may the happiness in your life, continue to grow, bringing with it, peace and contentment.


This is a new friend I met today. It was a beautiful day. A day spent enjoying the many splendors of rural landscapes.


These two beauties had me stop and turn around so that I could get another and closer look.  Life is good. Animals can impart calm.



Comments on: "Doll club day" (3)

  1. I love all of this.

    • Thank you Cindy, I am slowly finding my feet again, the fall was a time we travelled a lot, now when I drive and see all the wonderful beauty.. I feel and know he is part of all of what I see.. and now. he is no longer seeing it with pain in his body. slowly day by day..you are a special connection.. thank YOU

  2. The doll, alternately lovely with fine design on face then distressing with seeping red…appreciate your appreciation and love those large, languorous creatures. Best to you and yours.

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