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21st Sunday Thanksgiving

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Creativity is seeing things everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has ever thought


PL thought for today – When you are able to have a thankful attitude you will be blessed with good intuition and more enthusiasm, which will continue to move things in a positive direction.


Original expression done shortly after my Mother passed away. Could I do it again, no. Once we express something to the world it is done, there is no going back.  We move forward.  In anger once I spoke angry words about someone.  My Mother quickly and quietly told me that I should think before I spoke.  Words spoken, actions of unkindness, are negative not only to the person you are directing your anger to, but to your self.  If you have nothing kind to say, say nothing.  Deal with the moment, you can do it.. tomorrow will be another day.


Comments on: "21st Sunday Thanksgiving" (6)

  1. There is so much benefit from having a thankful attitude. Cheers!

  2. My mom has given me similar advice. A lesson I’m still learning each day.

    • if only we could tell them we retained the info

      • I think that we do. It may not be as obvious as a direct conversation we have in person but we are never completely severed. Love is a very hearty chord. 🙂 As you do, you look to nature for comfort and in these moments those we have tangibly lost are found. Hugs to you Dymoon. Beautiful post.

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