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smile I found rust

rust along 174

Some say love…… well….  is a diamond sparkling in the sunlight

rusted sign more

I saw this abandoned beauty and had to stop …. what  happiness for the heart

rusted sign alfred

Signs like this often send my writer’s mind into a fantasy,  a story starts to emerge, and I am lost in thought.  I know now after years of chasing rusted pieces that  inspire tales of bygone years, to park well off the road, where I can sit a spell and enjoy my “wanderings”  I am often asked where do I go, what do I do, why am I always out in my car driving the roads and highways.  I am an explorer, of urban  and country wonders that are most often  not really seen by others, but for me they are rich in dreams, hopes, and evoke mystery and fantasy.

PL Calendar day 19

If you are going to do it, put your whole heart into it.

Your degree of seriousness will affect the outcome.  Your daily accumulation of effort towards your goal shows just how serious you are


sloth love

None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm”  – Henry David Thoreau

Comments on: "smile I found rust" (10)

  1. I know where that is. I spent my youth in Cardin’s on a Saturday night on my way or coming back from Grenville. Beautiful rust 🙂

    • I wondered if the food was good, the place looked like it was a family restaurant, it is for sale

      • amplitudejoy said:

        The construction of the 417, diverted the traffic from Ottawa to Montreal away from this stretch, causing the closing of all these road side businesses. Progress …

  2. amplitudejoy said:

    You can add this to your mind meanderings: a bunch of youth pilled into a huge 8 cylinder car, stopping to eat a Hot Chicken sandwich and talking about their night of dancing (and drinking) in one of the many bars in the little town of Grenville, on the Québec side.
    Sadly, many youth were killed on this stretch of Highway 17, called ”the road of death”, east of Ottawa, from driving under the influence or having non-existent seat belts laws. I was lucky to have strict, attentive parents. Bitter-sweet memories.

    • amplitudejoy said:

      The food was good and simple. Young people on week-end nights, familes on Sunday.

  3. Wow, it has such awesome character.

  4. I’m with you. I like to ponder the inner beauty and think of the times of prosperity, where there was no rust and beauty was present. Now, there is still beauty in a different form. The rust comes alive in our minds as the beauty is restored. 🙂

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