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the Diner

How many of us still remember the old diners. My friend above, has recreated this wonderful old diner, and a pizzeria that was fun to visit the other day, while two old friends caught up on how the past month or so has affected their day to day.

This is a good time to catch up with old friends, loved ones we have not had the time to visit with … or even call. Now that some of us have a bit more time on our hands.. reaching out becomes a special moment in the day.Gets us out of our own “hum drum” and interacting and renewing friendships.

You can become more attentive with prayer. Live your life with a prayerful mind so that you an be more attentive and make the people around you that much happier

Perfect Liberty 2020..8


PS. For those of you who follow me and visit the virtual world of Second Life, DJ Silver takes the stage today at 2 pm. SL time. If you need a train ticket, catch me inworld. https://secondlife.com/

For members of PL, there is a virtual church location in SL.

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  1. One of our favorite places to eat around here is a retro 50’s diner. We’re getting takeout weekly in the hopes that they can weather this virus storm.

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