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sound of silence

Pennsylvania USA

Is there a sound to grief. When a loved one dies.. leaves our world leaving us to adjust to continuing on the journey on our own. No one told me of “grief attacks”or the immediate excruciating pain that can be triggered by a “memory”

I was not told to expect exhaustion and disruption, I was told that early grieving is perhaps the hardest work you will ever do.

Without your former companion, you no longer have a “mirror” to reflect back to you who you are and what you want in life. Now only you can furnish the answers by getting to know yourself.

-Dorothy Edgerton, ( learningto live alone)

We experience so many emotions after a loved one passes,when we think surely life is leveling … we are hit with an ongoing echo.. of loss, pain, and a fresh waves of grief.

Grieving requires an enormous energy, but pretending that you are not grieving requires even more.

It is important to say “Thank you” Everything that appears in front of you is all material for you to improve yourself whether it i’s food, people or things. Learn to accept everything, whether it is something you like or not.

Perfect Liberty 2020.9

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE NEVER GOES AWAY -it transforms from season to season. You may not always see or hear it. But like the steady beating of your heart, it lives within you and permeates all of you, forever and always


A big thank you to my friends/family and love ones, who are reaching out to me. I love you.This moment of tears will pass.. Love heals.

photo – Dave Renz

Comments on: "sound of silence" (13)

  1. A big hug to you DYmoon. Grief has to be one of the most unpleasant things we experience. I’m glad to see you have a support system.

    • thank you. its like waves that come up suddenly.. and there is nothing to do, but let it wash over … live the moment, right… sending love and hugs

  2. Rhiannon said:

    Some years ago I was hiking in the woods, it was winter and absolutely cold. There was nothing to hear – absolutely nothing. It was so quiet, it made the ears hurt.
    This you will never ever forget.

    By the way – absolutely great picture! I love it.

  3. Sending warm hugs your way!

  4. thank you.. most welcome.. and appreciated

  5. A beautiful post filled with much wisdom – thank you. ❀

  6. Big hugs, my dear. Big hugs.

  7. Sending you hugs to take away the pain. I find release in my tears and pray you find peace in your own way. I still grieve for my mom, dad, granddaughter at certain times but less with each passing year and feel happy they are in a better place. πŸ’œ

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