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Thursday door + musing

my babies have grown up
this is the one I have patiently waited for to shine.

We were just one of many older bungalows or 1.5 on a quiet street with mature trees in backyards and not picket fences, but small hedges bordering the front yards.

Now of course, many homes are gone, you can see the two infill houses on either side of me. Instead of a quiet neighbourhood where children had played and grown up.. now .. a few are rented to singles who want to live in an area that is considered choice because of its easy access to the super roads that take them east, west, north and south.

The few empty nesters who are still here, are constantly getting cards in our mailboxes… our favourite sales agents/brokers.. wanting to grab up your property.. not to live in, but to sell to contractors who want to tear down your home to subdivide your small lot to put in bigger homes with postage size grass patches, MAYBE.. likely it will be a paved or interlock space for a small to mid size vehicle.

My Blue Spruce was a youngster when I brought her home. the old fencing had an opening there for a gate.. and a broken walkway up to the front door. I replaced that with my baby, and set her up to have her own place and space to grown. When the time came for a new fence. she was protected from street traffic.. and now.. look at her.. isn’t she just beautiful.

That is a Saskatoon berry tree on the right of her, and on the left a cherry tree. Neighbours enjoy the bounty every year, or the church down the street, their members come to pick them, and preserves are made. Its called sharing.

The birds come every season, depending on the species. My backyard is much the same. It is for nature to thrive. As long as I am alive, I hope to provide a haven for the crows, squirrels, and whatever else finds solace in my “garden of love” Yes even the skunk I smell in the late evening should I need to let one or both of the dogs out.

I enjoy simplicity, personal privacy .. I love sitting outside surrounded by my family of trees, shrubs and perennials. …listening to their whispers as they bask in an evening breeze or an afternoon of dappled sunshine, playing with the ever changing shadows.

For Thursday Doors, this is the one that needs a special feature. When traveling on the roads, this might be the only friendly door that is open to you… should you need to stop and refresh.

it was too early for the food truck.. but the little charmer was welcoming. =^_^=

Live each day with an open heart – Smile, share your “light” each and every one of us, is a unique “universe”.


Comments on: "Thursday door + musing" (18)

  1. Such a poignant post – with a distinctive door for the theme

  2. That friendly door is my friend too, especially at this age of mine 😂😂😂

    Regards, Teresa

  3. Thinking to capture the porta potty door is thinking outside the box. As many as I have passed I’ve never thought to take a photo.

  4. Hey, when ya gatta go, that door’s a good one to see, whether fancy or not! 🙂


  5. Your blue spruce is beautiful. Recently, I’m impresed with how big the “little trees” have become since we moved here 20 years ago. Have a great day. Smiles.

  6. Hah, I got a kick out of your privy door! A whole new take on the Thursday door ideas. Out house doors get no respect – untill now.

  7. Unfortunately it happens everywhere. The new huge houses replace the old cozy small ones. And the old greens gone with them too.

  8. I enjoyed your blog giving your tree human qualities when speaking of it. The featured door is an “essential business” when your business calls so no COVID restrictions unless they ran out of TP, again! 😉

  9. I love the blue spruce. Beautiful.

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