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I disagreed

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I’m usually easy going, I do have an opinion, when asked, I have always done my best to be honest with my reply, if I disagree, I tend to soften my stand, unless it is something that really is important.

Today I was asked about whether or not our church should open for Thanksgiving service on the 21st. Contrary to what was said by someone who does not come to the church at all, I feel it should be open for those who would like to attend, observing of course, social distancing, and the wearing of a face mask. Because our members are scattered all across Canada, the actual numbers who can or would physically attend has always been low in number.

Those of us who find comfort in being in the church, some have been with the church since it was built. (the new one).. It is our home, our sanctuary . PL has always been unique in how it offers personal guidance responding to problems of our every day lives.

It is through consultations given by PL ministers, the personal guidance tailored to the individual character and situation that makes PL such a bonding experience.

That the question even needed to be asked.. (.. WOW..) Needless to say, I disagreed with the statement that we stay closed, … and I spoke out. These past weeks have made me realize, that too often, doors are closed, and the support that should be available is withdrawn.

Ministers are front line care givers. Not only the physical body needs to be addressed, now more then ever, we need to feed, heal and nurture our spirits.

day 46 Dave Renz


Comments on: "I disagreed" (11)

  1. Absolutely sound

    • thanks Derrick .. I thought long and hard about whether or not to hit post. it was something I think needed saying,, in this age, we hit send.. and it’s sent. No postal service too wait on.. or some editor in a corner office on the upteenth floor. thank you I really appreciate your feedback.. that you gave me feedback and share with me.. as we toddle along this journey of ours..

  2. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    I think you made the right decision to disagree. We know a lot more about Covid now, how it spreads, how to lessen the risk. The main reason for closing large gatherings was to avoid one person infecting dozens. We have a much better handle on how to do that.
    One of the issues our churches are wrestling with is how to predict/limit attendance. What do you do when you are ‘full’ (what ever the new ‘full’ is now) and there are still people coming? Before, we would just grab some extra chairs, or people would just stand in back. That’s really not an option now.
    Social distancing is going to be difficult with a group that loves each other and considers everybody family.
    Not reasons to keep things closed, just things that need to be discussed (and not just by the ministers).

  3. Church service means too much to a lot of people to be denied.

  4. You were certainly right to speak your opinion in this case. You all understand the limitations now and how to follow guidance to reduce risk. Plus, it is incumbent on each person to decide what is acceptable for their own safety, but not dictate to others who feel comfortable in the controlled environment you plan to offer. We are moving so far from socializing in person that I fear it is going to have a very detrimental long-term effect. We need to start countering that.

    • I agree with you …. what I have been seeing is that people who wanted to withdraw now have the tool to do so.. and it will be difficult for them to want to return… many use (or will use) it for their own means. Where there was distrust before, it will be harder to encourage positive interactions when there is or are differences.
      Greetings dear friend.. hope you are having a great week-end.

  5. Life is so very different now and I think that it has become more obvious that the decisions we make personally can affect many others. I struggle with this myself as the owner of a farm. Some of my employees are church-goers and I do not have the right to tell them they cannot attend an inside church service. I would never do that.
    The only thing I can do is to offer what my conditions are for employees who work for me….thinking of the risk to others here at the farm. If someone is exposed and comes to work, we all would have to quarantine for 2 weeks and my season only runs 6-8 weeks.
    I think the answer for me is considering the balance. What are the risks, how careful can a person be and how can we best serve and protect each other? Those are personal questions which one must consider seriously. And so I have opened the door for communication and conversation about this issue with my employees.
    Bottom-line, we are in this together and we are being given a great gift of a tangible means of seeing how our actions can/do affect others. Honest and respectful discussion, compassion and grace all come into play. Holding you and all of us in health and loving kindness.

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