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Through a doorway

I would like to take you through a magical place that friends of mine call home. They are as you will see, breeders of whippets and Borzoi. From the first time I visited, I was delighted with the little gems I would see tucked here and there. Xmas they go all out and have decorated for the season, I asked to take pictures to share with you their whimsical and creative decor.
my assistant during the photo shoot – whipppet
These were the babies I got to see, they are so young, so precious.. I admired from afar – Borzoi puppies

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature, we are beginning a new chapter, with a new host, Dan Antion. For more pictures of doors, you can visit the new location https://nofacilities.com/category/thursday-doors/

The everyday things you do will show when it really counts. If you have a tendency to be careless about everyday matters, you cannot expect to perform well at crucial times.

Perfect Liberty 2020.3

nite photos by Paul

Comments on: "Through a doorway" (10)

  1. Oh my! They’ve put a lot of effort into the decorating and puppies, too!! Beautiful.

  2. These are beautiful doors and puppies! I love the opportunity to get a look behind the doors we share. This was a great time of year to peek behind these. The decorations are very nice. I love your companion.

  3. I’ve been watching her grow, she is still very young..the fact that I always have “treats” in my pockets make me popular.. I have no illusions.. =^_^= my two were off visiting with the rest of the “pack”… I’d never seen Borzoi puppies before.. there is always a first..
    Thanks for continuing the fun.. waves across the miles..

  4. ahhh that’s too bad.. I knew it was a lot of pictures, but I wanted to share the festive moments. waves across the miles…

  5. What a lovely and festive home, and what adorable puppies– your ‘assistant’ is very photogenic! 🙂

  6. Good morning Brenda.. what a change, this year I’ve had to do presents that are being sent “out” earlier.. so many friends leave their mail in quarantine before bringing it in.. I’m glad you enjoy the visit… I always find that a touch of the “xmas cheer” is a joy at any time of the year.

  7. thank YOU… have a great start to the week-end..

  8. she is a cutie, but I already have 2 at home.. sends you happy hugs

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