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calling for Help…

Evening Grosbeak

While out in the woods today, I fell. I was alone, it was bitterly cold today, there was enough wind to make it cutting if you were not dressed properly, that could be what kept others away, but this morning I had the area to myself. Today I was not far from the parking lot, still it reminded me that I should have had my whistle with me. For some reason this season I have not had a whistle with me, which is something I have always done when out hunting for pictures, especially when in the woods or back country roads on my own. I met Mark when I got to the Mer Bleue trail and asked him if he had a whistle, and no he did not. We chatted on the importance of having a whistle with us… he reminded me to blog about it.. As a wild life/nature photographer he is often way off in the woods on his own, he will pass it on in his blog as well.

Not only wild life, nature photographers go off on their own, I’m sure hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts do also. A whistle is inexpensive and mighty handy if you fall or find yourself “lost” /”confused” in the woods, or anywhere actually. You blow on that whistle, if there is anyone around, they will hear it. I checked on my way home, with both Dollar Tree and Dollarama, neither to my surprise had or sold whistles. I fortunately have several since we always had them with us when we went out, when driving the back roads and exploring off the beaten track. It might be something you would like to consider. For women navigating dark city streets after hours, this is also a handy tool to have handy.

NOW let me tell you about my wonderful “tea party” this morning with my feather friends. I put out my chair and sat, the place was almost empty, I had maybe one or two chickadees but that was it. I just sat .. listening to the trees moaning and groaning as the wind snapped and pushed at them. Then one by one guests arrived. Soon I was surrounded, at one count, I had over 2 dozen Grosbeaks, 6 Blue Jays, 2 male cardinals, 2 female cardinal, 3 downy woodpeckers, a hairy woodpecker and of course the wee ones. We were all happily communing when who should pop up and run up to me and then past me..the little ermine.. only now instead of being all white except for the very light lime green colour on his bottom half, he was almost all that colour.. this is confusing me. I have searched for picture or for info. on why the green tint to his fur.. if anyone knows.. please send me a message.

OK.. that’s it for now. I’m so excited about my visit with the birds this morning.. I need to take a breather, close my eyes and relive the experience.

Comments on: "calling for Help…" (19)

  1. What a pretty bird

  2. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    You fell. Are you hurt? I assume you didn’t break anything. Mutters about people who say things about “this might have hurt”.. and then shifting to the next topic without clarifying.

  3. The image is beautiful. We don’t see those at our feeder. You did have quite the gathering. Smiles!

  4. Sounds like a lovely morning communing with your feathered family, except for your fall. Do take care… do you keep a cell phone with you?

    • Hi Eliza. yes I do..I’m pretty good at always having it with me.. depending on where one is ..sometimes reception is not the best.. Waves good morning, feel more chipper after a good night’s sleep.

  5. Take care! Did the feathered guests at your tea party prefer milk or lemon?

  6. I do hope you warm up soon. The whistle is a good idea

    • took awhile, but I did sleep.. brought out the old heating pad and used smaller ones around neck and shoulders. I’m OK.. thanks! already have put a whistle in my “purse” (shoulder bag for car keys and essential card id.etc. nothing big) No forgetting car keys, car won’t start without keys.

  7. I have a cell phone, which is my whistle. (Since Marla passed, i live alone, and falling is a frightening possibility with no one around.)

    • I know, I have a cell phone too.. but if off in the woods, reception might not be t he best.. and you still have to let someone know where you are.. and how to find you. I sure miss my hubby.. he loved the outdoor adventures as much as I do.

  8. Good safety reminder. Hope you weren’t hurt in the fall. That is odd about your green ermine. It may just be from his hunting rounds down below where some of his prey have stashed greens to eat over the winter. Or maybe there is horse manure somewhere he might roll in to mask his smell.

    • horse manure green.. he looked clean ,his fur looked soft.. he was about 3 ft. from me, he came running, slowed down when we saw me, almost stopped and then kept going. After seeing pictures of their teeth, I will keep my distance.

  9. A whistle is a great idea! I always have my cell phone when I go mushroom hunting, but now I’ll hunt up a whistle to take with me. Thanks!

    • Hey there sunshine… hope all is well at your end.. question? do you grow cat nip for your babies??

      • I don’t grow catnip for them. I try to limit the ‘nip to when I need to attract them to something. Chickie is a mean drunk, and Tipper doesn’t need anything to make him sleepier.

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