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“my” crows

new picture Kevin sent me for my collection…

It is not just another crow! I’ll have you know that I have now begun to identify the different ones that come to the “diner’ when I feed. LOL not maybe on a personal basis, but I am beginning to note the regulars.. and find it kind of fun.. that when I watch them, come and go during the “feeding” I can see the ones that have the discriminating taste, ie. they will pick up something and decide ..no it is too big, or not to their fancy and move on.. The watcher who will stand back and take in what is laid out and then go after what he/she decides it wants.

The birds at Dewberry are also becoming more familiar to me, There are the females who will come and eat before I leave the feeder, the males who watch from a distance, ,plan their strategy, then by different routes they will advance and plan their landing, where a feeder is and how easily it is to get to and land with confidence. A sloppy landing means that the bird already at the “table” will not leave or move over. there are several of the female Gross Beaks who will now casually have their snack and visit with me.. they actually make eye contact and chew slowly almost smile. One the other day, moved over to a branch and just chirped at me softly. staying with me till I moved to adjust something at another feeder.

There are crows there too, but they pay me no heed. In fact they have nothing to do with me. I am learning that their are “murders” of them at Mer Bleue too, they apparently come and chase everyone away at the very start of the day, I’ve yet to be there when they have been there. However I have seen the results of one of their raids at Dewberry, I wondered how things got so turned upside down and vandalized. Now I know… the dining areas are raided by the crows. =^_^=

Listen carefully and speak clearly. A good relationship starts from truly understanding each other.

Perfect Liberty 2021.5

If you are cheerful, it will make everyone around you cheerful. Cheerful and happy people naturally attract others. Always smile and have a pleasant attitude.

Perfect Liberty 2015.3
I know this is not what the pesky squirrels say to me when I shoo them away from smaller feeders.

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Comments on: "“my” crows" (9)

  1. I love your stories

  2. I’m jealous! LOL. I want so much to have a few crow friends. Recently during the snowy days we had, a pair of crows were visiting our yard. I tried putting a few shiny things out along with food, and I was hoping they would decide to stay close. I haven’t seen them recently though.

    I usually do keep food out for the birds and the squirrels we have, so I’m not sure what things I can do to specifically attract crows — other than giving them shiny objects. Any ideas?

    • Good morning Judith.. I have always tried to make friends .. for years I would always welcome them either in my backyard or when on one of our adventures through back country. I have never seriously tried to make friends in one place. I enjoy their presence.. In this instance I have made friends with a “murder” that hangs out in an area that is retail,, commercial environment.. I saw them on a cold mid winter day.. stopped in the parking lot at the extreme end away from the fast food place.. opened my trunk and threw down some peanuts I had (I feed the birds as you know so my trunk is full of goodies) I found out they like dry cat/dog food, so bought a bag and next time around the same time I went out again, and threw food out.. this has become a regular event every morning around the same time I drive into the parking lot, drive to the spot I feed them.. they watch for me, there is usually a look out, when I put the food out, there is a call that goes out (from one of the watching crows) and the rest come flying in. I can spread food out over two three car widths.. within 15 minutes or so depending on what and how much I put out, it is all gone, they have clean down to the pavement. IF your backyard is closed in, perhaps they like to come by drop in for a visit, but they will always fly to more open areas, and congregate with their pals, they are very social amongst themselves. Perhaps look up what foods they like and see what is compatible with your “lifestyle”… in backyard, you will have neighbours close by, and if you put certain other foods out, you will attract unwanted animals near your home.

      • Thanks so much. Yes, I recently learned about using dry cat food (hadn’t heard about dogfood) to feed the crows. I was planning to buy some, but then they disappeared, so we’ve just been putting out regular birdseed and nuts. I did add pieces of fresh oranges recently. I saw the crows a few times last summer, but they don’t seem to hang around too long. Our yard is fairly open — we have about 1/2 acres with lots of fruit and nut trees — and we do have lots of critters. Squirrels are plentiful (we had 2 families raising their young last summer), rabbits, raccoons, opossums, and a few feral cats. And bats, too. I will keep putting out shiny trinkets and colorful glass beads, and maybe I’ll have a few visits from the crows this spring and summer. Thanks again for sharing your experiences!

  3. They all know you as ‘friend.’ 🙂 ❤

  4. I enjoy your interactions with, and observations about, the birds. They are fascinating subjects.

    • Good Moring Eilene.. what is that expression, the more one learns, the more one realizes one really knows very little and there is always more to discover.. =^_^= Enjoy a great day and start of a new week!

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