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Today while out and about, I heard that it was St. Pat’s day, wearing of the green… I wondered how I’d missed that, I did know it was the 17th. and it was March… that is what this last year has been like.. I thought I’ll just find some green and take a picture.. well I was out of luck.. mid March in this part of the country, no green.

There was nary a leaf on the trees, nor was there anything on the ground but snow and ice. It was a beautiful day, not too cold, bright, sunny, but no green.

Since today is supposed to be a day of sharing and celebrating, I did want to share some green with you, I’d like all your day/;night(s) to be sparkling and bright. However should you decide to celebrate,… be safe.. and share good times with true love in your heart.

PL Precept #1 Life is Art.

top photo -Shirley Keen, NZ

Comments on: "Wednesday – Irish Green" (8)

  1. No green in sight means you still see a white. That’s ok … the green is working its way to you. Be patient. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. …. Oh … .need a touch of spring? You need the current beach walk (Spring).

    • yes, the video on your site is soothing, however, you’ll agree, there is nothing like the real moment of walking along hearing the surf and lapping of the waves…and feeling the ground under your feet. Good Morning Frank!!

      • Absolutely nothing substitutes the surf rolling across the feet. There is nothing like the actually sounds and the smell of the see air. However, the sounds on a blog post helps takes us to that place. 🙂 Good morning, CD!

  2. The luck o’ the Irish to you! 🙂
    The only green we have now is our indoor plants! 😀

    • Sending it back =^_^=….quiet at my end.. people were asked not to gather etc. Not that I would have .. but I find I am looking forward to seeing some new sprouts, etc,

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