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Wednesday – Irish Green

kind of green

Today while out and about, I heard that it was St. Pat’s day, wearing of the green… I wondered how I’d missed that, I did know it was the 17th. and it was March… that is what this last year has been like.. I thought I’ll just find some green and take a picture.. well I was out of luck.. mid March in this part of the country, no green.

There was nary a leaf on the trees, nor was there anything on the ground but snow and ice. It was a beautiful day, not too cold, bright, sunny, but no green.

Since today is supposed to be a day of sharing and celebrating, I did want to share some green with you, I’d like all your day/;night(s) to be sparkling and bright. However should you decide to celebrate,… be safe.. and share good times with true love in your heart.

PL Precept #1 Life is Art.

top photo -Shirley Keen, NZ

Sunday confession

I ate a Russell Stover Marshmallow Egg

I ate an oeuf de guimauve – as a diabetic I know better, but as a woman with a tendency to sometimes bend the rules… every year when they first come out and appear on the shelves, beckoning from the displays as we go to the cash, I succumb. I didn’t eat it right away, no I put it aside, saying I will share when a friend comes over..

The halo slipped, and then it fell off completely. I ate the whole thing. all 28g of dark chocolate sugar, unsweetened dark chocolate cocoa butter, milk and……

instant headache

For every action there is a reaction. I know better, of course I do. – who do you think went to bed with a headache.!

WE are responsible for our actions!

Will I have learned a lesson… sometimes I feel like the little mouse in the cage with the wonderful toys, one being a colourful wheel that goes around and around.

Service is at 10: a.m. see you all there!

For those of you who are not near and will not be attending, I have have you in my heart and will include you in my prayers! I love and appreciate each and every one of YOU.

Always and forever.

This has been a short visit, using bitmoji avatars!



Good morning, Bom Dia – Saturday

Making your way through the maze of details that need attending after an accident of a vehicle.

Insurance, claims, adjusters, customer service, sales, research collecting data, processing data, yada yada yada.

It is not a disaster, it is an opportunity for me to review my performance abilities, and use my creativity to unravel and get through the experience, one step at a time. Most important is that I do my best to meditate on what I can do differently, or what I need to work harder on to improve my skills/tools so that it doesn’t happen again.

PL calendar – day 6

Past, present, or future, always remember to be sincere and honest (to one’s self)

At any time, the place where you are standing at that moment is the stage upon which you must express yourself.  at each moment in time, there is sure to be a way to express yourself in relation to your position or status.

PL Precept #18  Each moment is a turning point

PL Precept # 17 Grasp what is most essential


“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his/her goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude” Thomas Jefferson


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