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Sunday confession

I ate a Russell Stover Marshmallow Egg

I ate an oeuf de guimauve – as a diabetic I know better, but as a woman with a tendency to sometimes bend the rules… every year when they first come out and appear on the shelves, beckoning from the displays as we go to the cash, I succumb. I didn’t eat it right away, no I put it aside, saying I will share when a friend comes over..

The halo slipped, and then it fell off completely. I ate the whole thing. all 28g of dark chocolate sugar, unsweetened dark chocolate cocoa butter, milk and……

instant headache

For every action there is a reaction. I know better, of course I do. – who do you think went to bed with a headache.!

WE are responsible for our actions!

Will I have learned a lesson… sometimes I feel like the little mouse in the cage with the wonderful toys, one being a colourful wheel that goes around and around.

Service is at 10: a.m. see you all there!

For those of you who are not near and will not be attending, I have have you in my heart and will include you in my prayers! I love and appreciate each and every one of YOU.

Always and forever.

This has been a short visit, using bitmoji avatars!

Comments on: "Sunday confession" (14)

  1. I would not be afraid to say that each and every one of us have bent the rules from time to time. We know better, we know we will pay for it, and yet we give in.

  2. I like to think that rules can be broken on occasion. Take care.

  3. Sometimes, you just have to eat the chocolate.

    • I know… when I’m regretting it, I always know.. it will happen again.. — hey .. hope you are enjoying sunshine.. would you believe I had to have help working the camera on my phone.. LOL.. my friend said show me what you are doing,,, I was pressing on the circle, like a would a camera.. the onlookers all laughed.. I’m supposed to just lightly tap.. groan and signs… then I set it to voice command .. now I can just say.. capture or smile… =^_^=

  4. There’s no shame to giving in once in a while – even if we know there will be consequences. Have a lovely day!

  5. I can only manage two glasses of wine these days. When I succumb to a third I feel like you with your oeuf

  6. It ALWAYS tastes good going down, but then one must pay the Piper… Sometimes the temptation is too great and the mind ignores that little wise voice within, ha!

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