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Wordless Wednesday

Be safe – Be well (Spring 2020)

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  1. It was so empty in places last spring that it felt scary.

    • a reminder to stay safe and maintain social distancing… waves hello across the miles, thanks for the links.. I plan on checking them out…

  2. It seems so eerie to see so many signs of people, but no people. It reminds me of movies about the end of the world. Yikes!

    • The video certainly put a visual on what it was like back at the start of all this Covid … waves a greeting across the miles..

      • I guess that I was inside so much during that time that I didn’t quite have a sense of how empty it felt. I do recall, though, how relatively empty the highways were when I did venture out for an errand–I live just outside of Washington DC and the roads are usually very crowded.

    • HI Mike, Orleans where that was taken is part of Ottawa (Canada’s capital) usually roads are very busy… it was an eye opener when I was shown the video for the first time.

      • Thanks for the clarification. I must confess that I had no idea where exactly Orléans was in Canada. I am slightly more familiar with the area in France in the Loire River valley and, of course, New Orleans in the US.

  3. Amazing to see empty highways and streets. I saw a post yesterday from London, England. It was eerie to see how deserted the once-busy streets now are!

    • I knew it was quiet, but to see it .. was a different thing.. I remember driving to the church and being alone on the road.. I could let the dogs run freely in the parking lot and not worry about cars on the busy road. however… that was then.. now.. traffic is back not as much as it could be, but it is very much very active now.

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