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Alo returns to SL

this site for this blog, will use different storylines to help us understand the Precepts and Principles of Perfect Liberty, using SL visuals, avatars, and the creativity of the SL artistic communities. You may want to subscribe or follow this site, it won’t always be paired with dymoonblog.com

Q's Story Telling

Alo ponders her decision to work again

She thought she had put all thoughts of working again away. But, here she was back on the treadmill. She had committed to coming back at least a couple of days a week. Now the decision had to be made, which days of the week she was willing to give up.

Being retired meant she could come and go at her own leisure, now consideration would have to be how many hours she would have to dedicate to getting pictures done .. Q was not going to just let her drift in and out at her leisure. They were going to meet up again in a few days, she best be prepared ..

To make the transition easier, she had her hair cut… This length she felt would be easier to maintain, after…

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