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I will be forever grateful and thankful for this past winter’s experience of having met up and spent time with the birds at Dewberry and Mer Bleue. They got me up and out every day every single day since last fall, no matter the weather. I enjoyed the fresh air with them, shared in the bluster of the winter winds. In return they allowed me into their space and shared meals with me.. For this I can never repay the joy they brought into my life. I have much to be thankful.

Over the course of the many weeks and days, I met several wonderful new “friends”.. my friends of the forest =^_^=… the few photographers who have graciously allowed me to share their works of art with you, my dear readers.

There will be two services today at the church for the Day of Appreciation ceremonies. 10 a.m. and an evening one at 7 p.m. we ask that you reserve seating for the evening service please. We maintain social distancing, it is important that we all stay safe…. As usual if you are unable to be with us physically, please join us in prayer at 10 a.m. and / or in the evening at 7 PM.

Love YOU, you are in my prayers.. Always!

for more of Kevin’s (Kevin Baldelli) work visit his Instagram site.

Comments on: "Day of Appreciation 21st." (6)

  1. Such beautiful birds!

  2. Timothy Price said:

    Pretty birds.

  3. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    You sound like you have decided to stop.

    • for spring and summer and early fall yes… there is plenty in the forest and woodlands around for them to eat.. many of the winter birds have moved on to their other areas, where they will breed etc.

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