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Pohara, NZ -photographer Shirley Keen

I was walking away from the PC, out of my office when I saw Shirley’s lastest post, she and her husband are on a road trip .. and these are a couple of pictures she shared. Living in a city like I do, a big enough city, but a city non-the-less, I would love to be able to stand by the water’s edge and look out across a vast expanse of not empty space, but not city streets, high rises and the like. instead, water, hills, open skies.

The reality is, I have been by the ocean many times, both on the east coast and west coasts of both Canada and the USA. I have known that experience, that exhilaration of looking out into “forever” .. hearing the waves rolling/crashing in. I’ve stood high on the cliffs in CA. looking down at otters playing and basking in the sun… I’ve skated the boardwalks in Venice, CA, walked the sandy beaches along the coast in Florida. that was then, not now.. and I miss it. I’ve even experienced a salmon fishing boat off the harbour in Vancouver, BC. and must not forget the smell of fish and fresh lobster when I lived in Nova Scotia.

I was going to push these feelings aside .. then realized that it is part of life, my life.,, her pictures reminded me of other moments in my life, and for a moment I felt a tug at the heart strings.

It’s OK. to remember, and its OK, to want to relive those moments, of course we can’t, BUT the memories are good, and they sure were moments well lived.

I want never to forget all the blessings in my life.

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  1. That’s a good perspective to have on those longings. Good morning to you.

    • actually left out your neck of the woods, I loved the white mountains, we stayed at a motel at the base of it.. used it as home base and toured around every day in all directions. I liked it when you went off on a jaunt and posted pictures of your day trips.. Waves a good morning to you.. beautiful day here.

    • was wishing you were around this morning, there was so much to see, it would have been interesting to see what you would have “caught your eye” I only got almost half way .. Mud Lake.

      • I wish I’d been there. We had a plumbing emergency this morning., No damage done but it was more work than I had planned. Did you get any good pics?

  2. Appreciate what you have until time made you appreciate what you had. You had a lovely experience in many ways in your life, and now is the time to recall that and enjoy. 🙂

  3. Very well said……

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