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Canada Geese

What can I say, I went out without a camera, the Nikon and the Canon were left hanging on their hooks… never even entered my mind to have them with me. Then I found myself alone in the sun with two Canada Geese who were happy to spend time with me preening and dining. I got to see the underside of the bird as it dived down to forage from the lake bed. No camera and none of my photographer friends in sight. Thankfully I had my cell (Samsung) so I did manage a couple of pictures, and I took a couple of videos.. however, I have no idea how to transfer them from the phone to my PC… eventually.. I’ll get there. =^_^=

An hour on my own with them before other humans came along, and they took flight. There is something to be said about experiencing the “wild” and the natural “harmonies” that abound in nature with out the jarring sounds that humans and their “toys” make.

You’re happy. I’m happy. Have the mindset of “good for you, good for me” Express yourself in a way that makes others happy.

Perfect Liberty 2021.7

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  1. Years ago a pair of geese raised a brood of young in a retention pond behind where I worked at the time. Very few people went out that way, but every time I did I made a point of talking to the geese. And even though I wasn’t supposed to have a camera, I got into the habit of carrying mine to capture them as the young grew. One afternoon I walked out and they were all outside the fence that surrounded the pond. I stooped down and they all came hurrying over. I was happily taking photos when I saw the shop manager watching. After the geese and I parted company he asked me if I had been feeding them to get them to do that. Nope, not one bit. Animals of any species know, who is friend or foe.

  2. It speaks volumes that you are able to be amongst bird friends without them fleeing. They must sense you are a kind soul. ❤

    • I certainly enjoyed my time with them. These days.. the joy of sunshine and Nature in all its forms, is something I am very grateful for. Waves a sunny greeting your way.. stay safe..be well. None of my women readers have commented on the clothes blog have you seen it yet?

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