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unexpected upside

We are capable of handling whatever comes our way. Instead of asking yourself “Can I do it?” simply tell yourself “I’m going to do it” then, give it your best effort.”

Perfect Liberty 2022.17

Sometimes we are faced with sudden change in plans, in this case, the container of seeds I was carrying to a feeder slipped and fell to the ground, so instead of being in the feeder, there was a full cup of seed, peanuts and such on the ground at my feet. You can see my friend here was quick to help rescue the situation. He /she did not want me to feel my efforts would go unappreciated!

I’m off to see if she/he is still waiting for breakfast. Sky is clear and a bright blue.. clouds are white and fluffy.. Till soon…


Comments on: "unexpected upside" (2)

  1. lise lawrence said:

    Good evening.they are so cute.

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