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Thursday Doors

somewhere down under – (photo Shirley Keen)

I had a day yesterday that didn’t start out well. I got hit by a taxi backing out of the lane across from where I live. Smacked right into the passenger side of my car. NOT happy. The driver had two children in the car, I heard her calling in to her dispatch, she looked both ways, she didn’t know where I came from?? hello… that is why cars have rear view mirrors … I had come out of my laneway and was on the road, ready to drive away. Because she was at fault, my insurance is handling all the details, but I will have to take the car for an estimate etc. blaaaaaa…..

Having said that, I wanted an escape.. I remembered this picture that Shirley had taken, with the red door, isn’t it the perfect little get-away… hmmm hope it has running water and electricity.. LOL I might like to escape, but I do love my creature comforts.

Think “Now is the time” instead of “it’s no use now” Don’t give up by thinking its too late. Tell yourself that there is more that can be done.

Perfect Liberty 2022.7

For more doors, drop in to Dan’s site, No Facilities https://nofacilities.com/2022/04/07/random-hartford-doors/

Till Soon

Comments on: "Thursday Doors" (10)

  1. Look on the positive side…. Only metal, paint and plastic were damaged. You are blessed.

    • good morning! yes! it bothered me cuz when my husband was very ill at the end, I had a crash that totalled the truck, I had been trying to get home to him… I was driving a honda truck ( a biggie) and it was totalled, airbags deployed the whole nine yards, The sound of the van hitting me, I think triggered that memory… I was Ok, got through the day, but last night I simply wanted to retreat.. But you are very right.. I was blessed. warm hugs my friend.. xxo

  2. Glad you are okay and I know what you mean about an accident triggering other memories…I’ve been there. Be kind to yourself today.
    Also, that Hobbit-style place looks pretty perfect to me. I would like to imagine it’s got a nice little fireplace in the back where I can sit, read and sip my tea.

  3. At least you and those children were not hurt. Still, dealing with car repairs is a giant pain. I wish you luck. I could easily retreat into that cottage.

    I love your thought for the day – “Now is the time” for sure.

  4. Oh, bummer, not a good day, except that no one was hurt. Hope it can be easily fixed and you’ll have replacement transport. ❤

  5. Patricia Lebrun said:

    Bonjour Dymoon, de ce temps la je vas chez les medecins a part ca tout va bien 🐕🌹 Patricia

  6. NOT the way to start a day…or for any other part of it either. I’m happy no one was hurt but I’m sorry it happened. I do love your little house…for use as a getaway or little place for your backyard. But the tiny house trend is not me. I don’t need a mansion, but I like some space.


  7. lise lawrence said:

    I am happy that your are not hurt.have a good evening.

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