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como esta? how you doing? como vai


Great day, wonderful day, no phone.. yup, phone company told me in a couple of days they would cut off the land line and  transfer the home number to my cell phone.  Today we found we could not call out, nor call in.  YAY, transfer done…………. no……………….uh uh……… hmmm my cell phone has no service at all.  LOL… is this a gift or what.  Come on guys, no calls, in or out… silence.



Come on.. what better way to spend the day.   Keep the fire going baby … This gal is going to chill….  PL Precept #19    Begin Once you Perceive   and, PL Precept #4 Being annoyed limits your expression.  I’m having a great day and I’m hoping you are too.


Relaxing, is good for what ails you…

come on, share a lie down

the world looks just fine from here.

I’ll move over,

smiles… maybe

there is a lot of room on the rug,

here, I’ll give you a hug

you all are as snug as a bug on a rug

greyhound 2

let’s face it, LOL

in the end

it is all about getting a smile

out of YOU!

Namaste      –      Oyashikiri

picture of big brown bear, Great Big Canvas

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