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Wordless Wednesday – Byward Market








I would like to say I resisted bringing home some fresh corn………………. however……………….. I cannot tell a lie ……………………….. the caramel corn was too juicy and plump to resist.


FYI.  I will be taking a vacation, for a week plus.  heading for the ocean.  I look forward to seeing you all when I return.  The vast expanse of ocean, and the sound of the waves making their way to the shoreline is calling…  I know you all understand.

Meanwhile, enjoy your days, take in the night

dream of delights

carry love in your hearts

for you will be in mine

love always.


Thursday another glorious day!

How is your day?  I hope it is super fantastic. In Canada,we are heading into our Canada Day long week-end, lots of festivities planned for visitors coming to the capital.  Heard on the news that astronaut Chris Hatfield will be here performing on the sound stage on Parliament Hill.  He will also have a display of all the Twitter pictures he took while in space. I would imagine that our city will be buzzing all week-end with activities.  Yesterday we saw people going to the Jazz festival site near City Hall.  So many possibilities, so many options. Do you have plans?

Every day is a special day when we start the day with a smile and a positive attitude.

PL  Principles  #12   I will get up pleasantly in the morning.

When we ask someone for help, we do so with sincerity, both in words and actions.  In the same manner, when we pray, it is important to offer our utmost sincerity to God/Tao/Buddha.  In PL, when we pray to Got, we use a unique prayer form.  this can be done either performed sitting or standing.  the PL Prayer form allows you to attain the most ideal state of mind when praying.

Taking the time to perform this simple ritual for me has enhanced my time in prayer/meditation.  It is very personal, it helps me to really slow down and focus “center”.

On Sunday’s we will often take time before the service to do some exercise together.  This gives the body the opportunity to stretch and release any stiffness in the joints, to activate and extend.  Then when the service begins, and we sit down, our body is content to mellow, and our minds are free to absorb and truly focus on the spiritual and divine of the service.

The sanctuary is filled with positive and activated energy.  Ah just thinking of it, I am looking forward to Sunday service…From sharing with you, I now have a big broad smile on my “puss” and I extend a warm and fuzzy happy happy day to all of you.

LOL I feel a bit like the little avatar I can be, skipping happily down a flowered pathway, sprinkling bubbles of happiness and sunshine into the air wanting to bestow on every one around a super fantastic glorious day.  Blessings everyone!


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