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part 1 Bathing process in Japan

Prior to entering the bathing room, one must remove one’s shoes, there is a room outside of this one, where you leave you clothes..(wicker baskets are provided) It is all very orderly.
There are maybe 5 stand up stalls for the ladies who prefer to stand, but they too are open. Only after you have showered and removed all the soap do you enter the hot bath. Unfortunately for yours truly, I only worked it out mid stay, that getting into that warm water, drops the body temperature, so the heat of the day/night is easier to deal with. Being totally private in my “habits”when the time came to bathe and cool down, these little cleaning stations looked pretty darn inviting to me. It is actually not only practical but a comfortable way to shower.  Wonderful body wash and shampoo was provided.

PL teaching – No matter how challenging the situation if you take it on with enthusiasm you will be blessed with new knowledge.

Have a resounding day everyone!      Bom dia!         Buenos dias!
ohayo gozaimasu

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