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If only

How often do we think there are not enough hours in a a day…
How often do we think, if only I had done . xyz….. the outcome would have been different….
If only, this had happened,then blah blah blah.. life is not wrapped up in a neat little bow

The wrapping paper is not always pretty, and the ribbon can be frayed, but, when we pray, when prayer is a daily activity in our lives Our lives take on a very different “flavour”, our wrapping takes on a pleasing and uniquely personal “style”

Prayer, faith and devotion are at the core of living in harmony with “Nature

FYI – Willie Nelson wrote a book with Turk Pipkin.   The Tao of Willie – a guide to the happiness in your heart..   On the back cover  “Some would call it happiness, but I like to think that what I found is me.  that sounds simple enough, but the truth i, it took quite a while to do it….

If only, belongs in the past, it is past tense,  live each moment like it is your first (cuz it is)…. and   SMILE,      S M I L E,     S  M  I  L  E

Love and Blessings…  today, and always

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