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PL Precept #6


PL Precept #6 Efface your self conceptions

Show Yourself as You Are.

“What shall I do to give a good impression to others on my first meeting?”

 “Show yourself as you are. Just face them with your true self. Then what is my true self? It is simply a selfless, straight-shooting self. When you sincerely pray to God you are doing so with a complete openness without any trace of your showing off. Although you are expressing yourself trying not to show your ego, the integrity of your self will nonetheless show itself naturally and beautifully.”

 “Well, I wonder if this will be held in contempt by others?”  “From their point of view, they may try to delude themselves by making a false show of power, and making things appear as good as possible. In fact, the more they try to do this the more they lose their personality, nullifying the art of self-expression. So do not be afraid to be held in contempt by others, but just be yourself – as you are – no more nor less.”

(By The Second Founder)








Rev. Takashi Goto

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