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To You Who Searches

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To You Who searches

by Q, 3,13,87

High on a hill you stand

feeling the majesty of the land

Nature in her rainbow mantle

smiles back peacefully

bathed in the golden warmth of day

yet, in your heart you feel a tug and rattle…

What is this overpowering feeling

that time after time draws you here…

To sit alone perched on sculptured granite

high above… and hidden well away

a single, solitary figure

overshadowed by the festive maples

mighty oaks and whispering pines…

Looking out through searching eyes

thirsting for the meaning of “Divine”

lazily a cloud drifts by

a lacy swirl of powder white

against a sky of innocent blue

look at you…

questions, questions,questions, is this all you do!

a search for the truth is a lifelong task

when you look out, instead of within…

listen to the symphony of life

feel… experience… with your total being

prayer/meditation will remove illusions

so that in this mortal world of questions and answers

you will discover and realize a simple truth…

The natural universe, in essence

is a mirror image, and the awe and wonder

simply… a true communion with self …


I had forgotten that there was a time when my work was copyright, etc., now I’m looking for the series of short stories I did at that time too.  Mollie I may have some that aren’t adult reading =^_^=

In cleaning up today, looking for my lost cheque book, I had to empty out all the files in the cabinet drawer and begin the physical task of looking through each file folder.  (This happens when one starts to do a clean up because the compter hard drive needed to be taken in for a check up.)

In PL we learn that when we take notice of something, an idea takes form in our noggin, its time to pay attention. LOL right now that for me means, sorting through old files.

Have a good day everyone, Hope you enjoyed my writings from another time… Hugs

Namaste     –    Oyashikiri

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  1. symphony of life-notefull* imagery (*pun intended)

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