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Blessings happen

Gifts appear /happen when we least expect them to.  While working on this morning’s blog, I came across this video. It was posted by Jim Stenson, on YouTube, I can’t tell you how I landed there, I don’t remember consciously going there.  I was looking at trucks..(yes I was distracted by a  2015 Chevy Colorado )..and then  oops. what is this..  It is such a beautiful and moving video, I am sharing it with you this morning.

Jim put the music to the video, he published it in 2012, the Mother contacted him in 2013, and he has published and recorded the sequence of events in his post, along with part of the conversation he had with the Mother of the child (Herman) and the dog’s name is Himalaya.  To see the original post and Jim’s notes please follow the links in the video I’ve posted.

Have a good day everyone..

Namaste –   Oyashikiri

Sweet mama dog interacting with a beautiful child with Down Syndrome. (Jim Stenson)

Comments on: "Blessings happen" (3)

  1. fengshui33 said:

    Happy new year!

  2. Reblogged this on dymoonblog and commented:

    worth a second blog.. animals are so sensitive when we allow them to “be”

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