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Blessings happen

Gifts appear /happen when we least expect them to.  While working on this morning’s blog, I came across this video. It was posted by Jim Stenson, on YouTube, I can’t tell you how I landed there, I don’t remember consciously going there.  I was looking at trucks..(yes I was distracted by a  2015 Chevy Colorado )..and then  oops. what is this..  It is such a beautiful and moving video, I am sharing it with you this morning.

Jim put the music to the video, he published it in 2012, the Mother contacted him in 2013, and he has published and recorded the sequence of events in his post, along with part of the conversation he had with the Mother of the child (Herman) and the dog’s name is Himalaya.  To see the original post and Jim’s notes please follow the links in the video I’ve posted.

Have a good day everyone..

Namaste –   Oyashikiri

Sweet mama dog interacting with a beautiful child with Down Syndrome. (Jim Stenson)

adventures in a corn field

corn field

Being a city girl, I would never have thought of playing in a corn field, yet I now know that many a youngster has spent many hours discovering a wonderful play haven in the tall passage ways found in the corn fields. When I saw this picture the writer in me wanted to weave a story of the little fairies and trolls who made  summer homes under the plants, enjoying the shade the leaves and husks provided.  That would have been fun, but a distraction from the task at hand.


We are told in PL that life will take on a greater dimension when we are able to perceive our surroundings with more ” sensitivity”.  So as I start my day with my visit with you, I ponder, on whether or not I meander down the road for a while, or focus on my “list” of “things I should do” today.


OH.. hello a new face, a new possibility, well what a nice surprise.  What can I learn from you, would you like to come closer, wow a face to face with a cow,  Now that brings a smile, a new experience I wasn’t expecting. what fun.


Look for new ways to learn and add knowledge/experiences…. the seasons come and go before we know it, another year has gone by. Make each day count.  Cultivate new possibilities with a positive outlook.


Namaste     –     Oyashikiri


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