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Sunday morning found me standing in gales of wind, trying to capture this beauty without being blown away.  A chain like fence wasn’t making it easier for me, but I wanted to capture the iron bird waiting to fly.


A different plane stood by, they both looked like the were waiting.  I searched the area for signs of life, there were vehicles in the parking lot, but no signs of humans.  This training field is near the Asian grocers where I shop, so I do often see small planes waiting for their next chance to soar up into the clouds.  I had a service to be at, so didn’t get to stand around, one day I’ll have the timing right, meanwhile, I will enjoy them at rest.

A plane did soar through the skies above … but t was a big commercial plane heading off into the yonder.  The main airport is not far from the location where I was standing…  Unless you live or are near an airport, or a flight path… you seldom see or hear a plane these days.  Just because we don’t hear or see them, doesn’t mean they are not there.


Later, in the afternoon I found myself out in the other end of the city, travelling down a road where this factory or industrial building caught my eye.  During the week this place would be busy with big cement trucks and other industrial machinery working away … I would not have been drawn to the place.  Probably driven by without giving it a glance.  But yesterday it was the shapes and colours that drew my attention.  It was a must that we drive down so that I could get out and walk to where I could get a better look.

There is something wonderfully appealing in the creative world around us.  It is so diverse.  How can we not marvel at the minds that pulled together to create so many of “hard core” ART around us in our everyday lives.  I drive a truck, I enjoy getting in and being able to drive to where I want to go.  It is important to remember  and appreciate all the things we so easily take for granted in life.

The pilot might fly the plane, but he had to train, someone had to build the plane, it didn’t build itself, the hours of testing, the research and developement for the bet materials, the combinations, the safety standards, so much goes into our being able to live the lives we do.  Let’s remember to give thanks, and to appreciate not only the people around us, but the many things in life that make our lives easier.

giving thanks, gratitude


Namaste        –          Oyashikiri

taken in and around Ottawa, Canada

Comments on: "Monday, yay another week!" (1)

  1. wonderful – and enjoyed looking around with you – and agree “creative world around us…” thx for the reminder

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