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Thursday doors 7.14.16


Windows and doors.  always fascinate, a glimpse, a peek, sometimes it is the door itself that holds our attention.


There is always a hint of mystery, when I see a door that interest me.  I want to peer inside, better yet, I want to step over the threshold and go inside.


I always knew that behind a door would be something new.  No matter how many times I would push open the door, another “happening” would occur.


I will be exploring new dimensions of time in Japan while I am away.  I hope to have more to share with you on my return.  I may or may not get time to post over the next weeks, so know this.  I am going to miss you, each and every one of you who share my world.

may God keep you safe, happy and healthy

may each new day bring joys for you to enjoy

Till soon, I love YOU

Comments on: "Thursday doors 7.14.16" (8)

  1. Have a wonderful time! Enjoy.

    • thanks.. packing.. very interesting task =^_^= don’t leave till the 26th. in the wee hours, there is just so much to do……………….. smiles.. keeps me out of mischief

  2. Lovely…and that is the case with each day of our lives too…the promise of something new

  3. Have a lovely time in Japan and remember to take lots of photos – especially of doors. 🙂

  4. Safe travels my friend. Have fun and take lots of pictures 🙂

    • smiles there you are, I was looking for you yesterday, you must have had a busy day, thanks. camera is ready, got extra memory, =^_^=..

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