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lost in the wilderness


Ok I’m not in the wilderness, but I could be.  Right, I’m not lost either, but just because I know where I am doesn’t mean I’m not lost. If I was an ant wandering around down there amongst the foliage, it would be a wilderness. (perspective)


Especially if I had to find my way home, and back up the tree. Would the rain hamper my progress?  Certainly in a downpour in the truck, when it comes down in sheets, it is very difficult to see, even with the window washers going at full speed.


Picture perfect isn’t what the day is all about.  I guess basically my thoughts are wandering, and tho’ I’m in a familiar place physically, my gray matter is heading for the wilderness, to find some breathing room.


Sometimes it is best, to let life around you, sway and  bend as it may, tomorrow will be another day.  So when you wake, it will be a brand new day.

Namaste     –      Oyashikiri

PL Precept # 7   Everything exists in relativity


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  1. Patricia Lebrun said:


    Dymoon, je suis tres contente de notre journee de mariage belle temperature, toute c’est bien passee je ne pouvait pas etre plus contente tres belle experience notre cerimonie, apres au restaurent Lucia avec les invitee on n’a eu beaucoup de plaisir et la mouriture tres bonne, s’est un restaurent a en faire une soiree ( souper + dancer) parfait.

    Merci, encore pour ton cadeaux on va ce faire un toast a notre bonheur, sante.

    bonne semaine


    Patricia Lebrun

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