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Wordless Wednesday


The attraction just happened

it was a piece in the ground,  we needed to dig out..

took hours to break and dig it up

when I saw it, I couldn’t let it go

it now stands in the garden

I’ll enjoy it all year round.


Comments on: "Wordless Wednesday" (4)

  1. We have lots of those – its amazing how useful they can be 🙂

  2. I had the same thing happened when we dug out the concrete to fix our fence. It was in the shape of a log and I just couldn’t part with it!

    • hi. you’d have had fun today, there was a segment on the news the other day, the aboriginal schools in far away parts of the province, need art supplies and crafts etc. for the art projects for the students in all grades. I’s spent yesterday and today, going through all my stash, I want to encourage others to pursue their love of art. xxxo

      • That’s a great idea! If we lived closer we could have combined our supplies for them. You are so thoughtful and I am sure what you are sending will be appreciated! It would be neat if you were to find out what some of them were used to make afterwards!

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