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every day a holiday


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Rejoice every day

it is the start of another holiday

what is the occasion you may say

it is an every day, a new day

one, that is full of hope

when you can greet every one around

and say,

Happy me and you day!

I pray you have a good day!!!

my words may be simple, 

but they are true,

and yes, they are meant for you.



Comments on: "every day a holiday" (4)

  1. This sums up retirement beautifully

    • you really are special, I was waiting to see if anyone would relate this to retirement, you really do “pick up” on unspoken thoughts … however.. even when I was working, except for probably my younger years.. I really “loved” what I was doing.. the challenges, opportunities, what killed it for me was politics… they would really drag me down. Ewe are special young man, hope you are mending well.

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