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That day we walked back to the car, after being told that we had an aggressive cancer in our lives. I remember looking into the darkness of the floor of the wooded area, near where our truck was parked.

For some reason, this  patch of land was a place that I revisited often over the months that followed.  No, not physically, but in my mind’s eye.  I didn’t see flowers if they were blooming, it was the greenery, the trees, the open spaces between  them.

1.30.17 towards Osgoode

The shadows that danced across the snow-covered floor between the trees, always I saw how nature blended and intermingled.  I didn’t know it at the time, but I feel it now.  As time passes, I miss my husband’s physical presence more and more, I feel him and hear his words in the strangest of places, or in the  landscapes I see that I pass along the way to “wherever”.

hogs back 4.10.18

The memory of our “togetherness” is intertwined with the nature that I see all around me.  Like the seasons, and the changing skies.  We are no longer as we were, but always, we will BE…  Unconditional love, is happiness, tears, joy and sorrow.  What a blessing to have been granted the experience of a love that while of this earth,  blossomed into forever.

Day 21   PL Calendar

A Thankful Person will Grow as an Individual

When you are able to have a thankful attitude, you will be blessed with good intuition and more enthusiasm, which will continue to move things in a positive direction.



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  1. Cancer is an evil illness, very unforgiving. I’m sorry for your loss even though it isn’t recent.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    • Thank you David, it was a month, just the other day…. every day is a new experience. thank you for your “friendship”..

  2. You have admirable strength and faith. Sending you hugs.

  3. Sending you love.

  4. Moz Loordes said:

    Time heals all wounds, my friend. I know this from experience, having lost a life partner. At first it is very raw, very bitter like a winter’s frost, but after some years it mellows out and remembrance brings only the pleasant sojourn of an apple orchard basking in the summer sun. ❤

  5. *Tears flowing….I could feel every word you wrote. You had a relationship like my husband and I do. What a beautiful way to calm the storm of longing and sorrow by looking to nature. I do that all the time too. When I am hurting and missing someone I love so much there is very little of this world that can soothe that but Momma Nature. Sending you love and hugs dear lady.

  6. Over time, you are increasingly feeling the loss!

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