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relax and enjoy



PL calendar day 7

Don’t strain, don’t rush and don’t be greedy

When you are doing something  you may rush things to get good results quickly. Instead relax and enjoy the process. 

I drove  today along a highway that was lined with the colours of fall.  It wasn’t raining, but the clouds were overhead, the sun was not out.  Still it was breathtakingly beautiful. I remember all the times, my husband and I had taken to the roads, so we could take in the kaleidoscope of colours.  The world is such a magical place.  Even though I have driven this road many times. every season, makes it appear to be brand new.

This Monday is the Canadian Thanksgiving, my heart was filled with gratitude, as I took in the myriad of crimsons, gold, greens and every colour in between.  I have learned that love, pure unconditional love is reflected in nature.  It is born, nurtured, and enjoyed, it evolves into a passion that transcends all earthly boundaries, till it evaporates into the Universe, showering the world with the eternal blessings of love forever after.

PL Precept # 1   Life is Art

Love is a beautiful state of BEING


photo -Wei

Comments on: "relax and enjoy" (9)

  1. Interesting image. Happy Thanksgiving to Canada on Monday. I imagine the colors really stand out.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy all the colors of fall. Cheers

  3. Poetic writing – so good to focus on the process, too

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