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Bom Dia, Good morning…

When I saw the fish …my first thought was.. by golly, he is smiling…. he is happy to be sharing a meal with someone who will appreciate him.  Oh dear I see that is another fish on the plate beside him…. looks like there were diners who had to pick their way through that meal.  Hope that wasn’t breakfast.

You guessed when it comes to meals, breakfast especially, I am rather decided on what will appeal to me. If I ask my friends what they had for breakfast, not one would give me the same kind of  answer.  Right now I am enjoying steel cut oats, but I know, it won’t be long and I will want my noodles .. what about you, do you dine at breakfast, or do you smile, drink your coffee and move on into your day….?

Smile being the key word.  Begin each day with a smile

PL calendar day 8

Whatever you use, it will come back to you.  So use it well.

When you use money and things to their fullest potential, you will always be blessed with more materials for your self expression.



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